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As you can see, the process of selling your home to us is Easy As 123! With us buying houses cash, we eliminate the banks and agents that slow down the process. Our process is short and sweet and we get rid of the headache that you’ve been carrying. If we agree on a cash offer, you can choose the date to close and we will give you a check! So simple isn’t it!

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We Always Make Fair Cash Offers!

We make sure that we will Never make insulting Low Ball Offers to you. We show proof of how we came up with our offer with proven data. We will then explain why we came up with our offer and if it doesn’t fit your needs, no worries. Understand that we are investors, which means that the offer Has To Work For The Both Of Us.

So How Do We Calculate Our Offer?

Our Offer = After Repair Value – Cost Of RepairsSelling Cost – Minimum Profit

Example Of The Process

Brandon is looking to sell his house fast in Atlanta because he has gotten a job out of state and the new job needs him there in a month. Brandon lets us know that he needs to leave immediately and needed money to be able to move into his next home. His house has not been updated in over 35 years and needs to be updated. We met with Brandon, we found out what were his needs and the repairs that needed to be done. After we reviewed the situation we were able to calculate the offer. After we agree on the price, Brandon and our company sign the contract and our company looks for a local reputable attorney for us to write him a check.

Lets Determine The Numbers

ARV (After Repair Value) Brandon home was built in the 1980s. House had good structure but was in need for an update to modern market status. Based off of recently sold homes in the neighborhood that were renovated, we saw that this home will be worth $250,000 after making the necessary repairs.

Your Offer = ARV – Cost Of Repairs – Selling Cost – Minimum Profit

$145,000 = $250,000 – $40,000 – $25,000 – $40,000

Our offer would be $145,000 and we will close on the closing date you choose!

As you can see, this is exactly how we based our offers on every house. When we get the information about your house from you, we visit your home to determine the cost of repairs and make a offer on the spot. We want to make sure we make the best cash offer to you so you can be happy we solved your problem! To see what we can offer, feel free to fill in the form at the bottom!

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